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Thursday, April 25, 2013

New and comprehensive tool for managing your Android Phone : MOBOROBO

Hi Guys,

Well today I would like to share you about one of the latest and most comprehensive tools to manage your stuff inside your Android smartphone. Well, Apple's has its own signature of managing stuff software which is the iTunes. Now we have Android's, so whoever using Android phone can use this tools to manage all of your stuff such as Pictures, Videos, Songs and many more. It is the same concept of iTunes managing system but it is presented in different way and much more intuitive as well as interactive.
Moborobo is a computer software which manages your Android data. This software is available free. You just have to install the software in your computer and simply connect your smartphone via USB and even Wifi. Now lets see what are the features offers for this software.

Front page of the software. See what you can manage out from this software.

After you have connected with your device, you should get information as the above.

The one that differentiates with iTunes is that you can manage or backup your contacts directly through this software. Not only that, you can also directly text your contacts through this software which makes this very handful sometimes especially times where you have to connect your USB through the PC and someone text you. You don't have to look at your phone though. Just see at the contacts message log tab and simply reply it. Isn't it simple..
With this software also you've got a chance to edit your contacts and organize it efficiently and also back it up in case of any uncertainties to happen - Lost your phone of course.

Moborobo also allows the user to manage all the app installed inside your phone. 

Not only that, Moborobo also has its owns appstore where you can download it to your smartphone as well.

When you download an app from Mobo market, it will automatically save it inside your PC and installed to the device which you connect with. It is same concept with iTunes as well. You can also manage your apps through your Android phone. Find the Mobo apps from Google Playstore. You can also install, update and uninstall directly from your phone.

Also you can manage your images and videos. You can save your phone images through this software and put it inside your documents folder inside your computer. Sure save a lot of space inside your phone. Isn't that very reliable! More than that, you can download wallpapers as well for your phone. That is a bunch of features now. Wait there is still more to come...

If you are a ringtone and music lover than the music tab is the best for your. Click on the music tab and manage your own playlist. Also you can download your ringtone as well. Cool:-)

Manage your videos with ease as this software provides you features in organizing your media from your phone to the computer. Also you can access videos from the internet.

Themes are also available to download for those who are love in changing their phone themes style. Such a lot of features which can give out for free. This software is recommendable to all Android user and also now it can connects and sync with IOS as well. So, what you all waiting for? Download now and enjoy your Moborobo features. You can download Moborobo Free here. You can find more bunch of software and apps inside the website. Overall, this software is very intuitive and easy to use. 

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