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Thursday, April 25, 2013

World First Curve TV

Good morning everyone,

Today i would like to share a whole new line of technology which will be the trend soon. The world's first CURVED OLED Television. Have you ever think of a curve version of TV? and why they wanted it to be curve?. There must be a reason of that and this TV was first shown in public during the Consumer's Electronic Display (CES) 2013. The TV is from LG and Samsung also claimed and announced that they will  produce the first curved OLED TV as well. See also Samsung Curved TV. There is no details or specification yet on the TV but this sure will give all of us a whole new experience of viewing you TV set at home.

3 set of curved TV being aligned together will give this immersible experience.

That is very impressive an you might want to have this baby at your home. Look at the flatness of its body and the beauty of its curve. How did they think of making such a technology.

 As from most of the Info tech website, this TV Set will be available soon in the market and probably second half of this year. This info was through the saying of the LG's P.R. Manager himself. The question is, where will be this baby released into the market? Well probably might be Korea first. Some say it will be in the market of UK first. Not really sure about the market but this will be one whole new breakthrough for electronics world. Price was not announced yet but will be expensive as the early version of smart TV price announced. Can't wait for this to be display during one of our electronics exhibition.

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