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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The next big thing in Info Tech: GOOGLE GLASS

Hey guys,
Since this will be my first post in English. Well, this is for my assignment with a slightly out of the topic to share but it sure will give out better information for our world. Do you imagine that our technology we have now would go beyond that? Now we have touch screens smartphones which is very intuitive and integrated with all the the features of each of the smart phones & also with features of voice navigation of SIRI from IOS Apple and Galaxy Voice from Samsung smartphones. However, do you know that google is now developing a new technology of navigating features which is far more interactive. TOUCH, VOICE and now THE EYE meets to its expectation for our information technology. Introducing the GOOGLE GLASS by Google themselves.

This is a masterpiece which meets more than the eye. Currently produce as a prototype and not ready for full consumer yet but some news said that there is also an early release version which some might have ordered for their first to use. It is through the Pre-Public program and the first version is called The Google Glass Explorer which is not applicable to resell, loan or transfer it Google also set their terms will deactivate the device for those breach their terms. Well, this is quite of hot stuff for now, since it is still not out in the market yet. You will be amazed and can't wait for this technology to be out since it has several features which uses of our First-Person View for any interactive features such as capturing Pictures and recording videos. Now, let us see what are the features that this glass would provide.

It is the same concept of 'Head Up Display' which overlays with your visions by using the Prism to projects display of the information. Rather than put data in front of you why not to project display which is at least you can see through on the upper right without obstructing your vision. All of the information will be from your smartphones, well you still need your smartphones where this device would not work fully by itself.

It provides WIFI connectivity for accessing info by tethering your smartphone. However, Google has developed an app which is called MyGlass App which will sync all your phone features inside the glass.
You can received, viewed on the display and also read and answered the text messages. Isn't it cool where you don't have to take out your smartphone from the pocket anymore? You just have to say 'Ok glass' and followed with certain command which was already set up for the device. You can get some of the info about Google Glass and sample of commands here. Now let see what are the amazing features that you can use for this device.
Capture your memorable moments Free Handed - You can play with your kids without holding your smartphones.

Recording when doing one of the extreme activities is totally wicked!!

Provides information on flight details. Now, you will not miss your flight anymore. 

Travelling will be more fun and intuitive with info projecting through your glasses. 

Yes, another feature for travelling, Google translate via Glass

Yes, navigate your way through with GPS from your smartphone -Free Hand Again!


Do you amaze now? No, or do you need more info on this features. Now let see through the glass features.

Do you think what i think with the recording features?
Yes, instead of recording events and stuffs, why not record my lecture class. Useful for revising my subjects though :-).

Physical features offers interchangeable lenses and different colour of frames.

Google also developing to integrate for user with prescribe glasses. Everyone definitely can experience this technology.

Some rumors said that this device will be available by end of 2013 however, google have not yet confirmed the date but maybe it will be out for the consumer version on 2014. Price for the Google Explorer version is announced about $1500 which is equivalent to nearly RM4600. That is way too expensive but don't worry, this is the first version. The consumer would be cheaper, so for those who are really excited on this device, be sure to collect your money from now and save it. This shall be the next BIG THING in information technology. Get the latest news of Google Glass here.

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